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A strong foundation is the first step to create change

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Basic income

Provide a basic income bij working with local NGOs in low income countries


Building knowledge and providing information on universal basic income


Conduct scientific research into the use and effect of basic income, especially in low income countries


Guiding local NGOs and governments in low income countries on how to introduce basic income.


A universal basic income around the world. A world in which people do not have to worry about basic needs such as food, clothing and hygiene. Where they can live instead of survive.


We believe that a universal basic income is the best way to organize social security, no matter for whom or where in the world.  
People who enjoy a UBI experience less financial pressure, allowing them to make other choices to change their current situation in a positive way. Through our projects and research, we want to prove that a UBI has a huge positive impact on both living and economic conditions around the world. We want our projects to make people aware that things can be done differently and that a UBI becomes a basic concept around the world. 



We are committed to introduce and provide the UBI principle to as many people as possible. 

We do this by working with local NGOs and governments to introduce and monitor the UBI and gather information, which will enable us to expand further. This also includes providing guidance and support of our local cooperation partners, both before and during the projects. By conducting objective research, we collect data to prove the positive effects of a UBI, while also looking for solutions for potential undesirable side effects.

With this experience and data we try to answer the following questions:

  • What is the effect of Basic Income on people's lives?

  • What do people with a Basic Income do?

  • What are the unwanted side effects?

  • Under what conditions does a Basic Income work?

Organization and management

The United Care for Life Foundation was founded in November 2018. The current board is made up of Sven Lefeber, Jan Simoens and Jenifer Benton.

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Sven Lefeber



Jan Simoens



Jenifer Benton


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