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Create a basic income for everyone, together

Changing lives

By providing local people with a universal basic income, they can focus full-time on improving their own situation and changing the situation in their village.

Sharing knowledge

By encouraging people in low income countries to learn, we create a positive evolution on the current functioning of local society and form a solid foundation for future generations. 

Promote UBI

A Universal Basic Income opens doors that previously seemed impossible. Through our projects we show the importance and realize a future in which everyone becomes better.

A basic income for everybody

The doctor, the teacher, the mother who cooks food in the school. The leader of a community, the community worker. They all play a crucial part of their community to realize positive changes.

They take responsibility to build their country. Their commitment is much needed in low income countries, in areas such as healthcare, education and human rights.

United Care for Life helps these people with a basic income so they can carry out their activities without having to worry about their financial situation. 

We commit ourselves to get the money directly to the people themselves. We achieve this by working together with reliable local partners. 

United Care for Life invites donors, companies and trust funds to contribute to this initiative. By working together with scientists and governments we want to investigate the impact of a basic income. Our hypothesis is that a Basic Income drastically changes people's lives in a positive way.

"The solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure: the guaranteed income."


From the book: 'Where do we go from here, Chaos or community?'.

~ Martin Luther King jr.

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